Systems Thinking & Sustainability

Cat Ba Fixes that Fail

(Nguyen & Bosch, 2013, p. 111) Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

This study by Nguyen and Bosch (2013) incorporates a complexity perspective to explore and understand the complex sustainability issues in the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve in Vietnam, a UNESCO designated biosphere reserve. The authors considered a range of key variables including the environment, tourism, GDP, population an poverty rates to build qualitative causal loop diagrams to provide insights into system behavior and identify leverage points for systemic intervention strategies.

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Nguyen, N. C., & Bosch, O. J. (2013). A systems thinking approach to identify leverage points for sustainability: a case study in the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 30(2), 104-115.

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