Blog Series: 10 Big Ideas on Peace and Justice – In Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Morton Deutsch

Look below for the 10-part blog series on major contributions from Morton Deutsch!

In honor of Morton Deutsch—an eminent psychologist, Columbia University professor, mentor extraordinaire, and one of the founders of the field of conflict resolution— our co-Executive Director Peter T. Coleman has selected ten of Deutsch’s most significant scientific contributions to highlight and describe in a series of weekly blog posts, running on Psychology Today and Huffington Post.

The first of these weekly posts written by Peter T. Coleman was just published this week, and a new blog will be posted each week over the next ten weeks through Thursday, October 12. Once the posts are released, then we will include them in the list below— check back for updates and links on forthcoming blogs! You can also follow us on social media for more of our updates!

Ten Major Scientific Contributions
Promoting a More Just, Peaceful and Sustainable World
The Legacy of Morton Deutsch
Written by Peter T. Coleman

Photo by Peter T. Coleman


1. World Peace: How to Keep Nations from Engaging in Global Thermonuclear Warfare and Destroying the Planet?
Published Aug 10, 2017


Photo by Peter T. Coleman



2. What Leads to Cooperation and Competition?
Published Aug 17, 2017




Photo Credit: Jenny Friedrichs.


3. Understanding Conflict: How Conflict is like Sex
Published Aug 24, 2017




Photo by Peter T. Coleman; Remember/Respect/Resolution sculpture in Belfast, Northern Ireland by artist Lesley Cherry.


4. When Does Conflict Move in a Good or Bad Direction?
Published Aug 31, 2017





Photo by Becca Bass; Performers at Couleur Cafe music festival in Brussels, Belgium.



5. What Are the Fundamental Dimensions of Social Relationships? 
Published Sept 7, 2017




Photo by Peter T. Coleman



6. A Grand Theory of Personality and Environment
Published Sept 14, 2017



West Bank, Girl and Soldier by Banksy; Photo by: Peter T. Coleman.



7. Addressing Injustice: Why and How Do People Seek Justice?
Published Sept 21, 2017




Photo by Peter T. Coleman



8. Getting Woke: How Do We Awaken a Sense of Injustice?
Published Sept 28, 2017


Photo by Peter T. Coleman



9. How do we interrupt the Increasing Gap between the Haves and Have-Nots? 
Published October 5, 2017



Photo by Peter T. Coleman



10. How Can We Promote a  Sense of Global Community? 
Published October 12, 2017



Throughout his long and illustrious career, Deutsch remained committed to promoting a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. To read more about his life and work, please visit:

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