Research Associates

LarryLiebovitchLarry Liebovitch, Ph.D.
AC4 Adjunct Senior Research Scientist

Dr. Liebovitch is Professor of Physics and Psychology at Queens College of the City University of New York. He earned a bachelor’s degree in physics from the City College of New York and a doctorate in astronomy from Harvard University. At Florida Atlantic University he served as the interim director of the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences and as the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Studies in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. Dr. Liebovitch uses nonlinear methods to analyze and understand molecular, cellular, psychological, and social systems.

OrtizSantiago Ortiz
AC4 Affiliate

Santiago Ortiz is Head at Moebio Labs, a team of data scientists, data visualization developers, and designers who work on advanced interactive visualization projects of large data sets. He specializes in exploratory information visualization, knowledge maps, and visual data science – a fusion of machine learning and interaction. As a consultant, he has worked on projects to improve the communication strategy of organizations with a focus on networks and interactive information visualization. Santiago is currently serving as an expert group member for AC4‘s Sustainable Peace Systems Mapping Initiative.

VandenbroeckPhilippe Vandenbroeck
AC4 Affiliate

Philippe Vandenbroeck co-founded the Belgium-based futures consultancy shiftN, a network of professionals that works with leading organizations using systems thinking, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and design to better understand complex systems. With a background in bio-engineering, philosophy, and urban planning, for the last 20 years he has used systems thinking approaches to study complex business and societal issues such as transition to sustainability, management of food, water and energy systems, armed conflict, novel governance systems, challenges in public health and social policies. Philippe is currently serving as an expert group member for AC4‘s Sustainable Peace Systems Mapping Initiative.


Hakim M.A. Williams, Ed.D.
AC4 Visiting Scholar (2015 – 2016)

Dr. Williams is Assistant Professor of Africana Studies and Education at Gettysburg College, where he is also a member of the Globalization Studies and Public Policy programs. His research centers on school/structural violence and youth empowerment in Trinidad. During this year, he will begin work on his book and collect data via a critical youth participatory action research project (over a 7-month period in Trinidad). Dr. Williams has a bachelors degree (honors) in Psychology from St. Francis College, Brooklyn, and his master of arts, master of education and doctorate of education from Teachers College, Columbia University in the fields of international educational development and peace education.


Former Associates

Simangan2Dahlia Simangan
AC4 Visiting Scholar (May – August, 2015)

Dahlia came to AC4 as PhD candidate from Australian National University (ANU) to further her dissertation examining how United Nations transitional administrations in Cambodia, Kosovo, and East Timor incorporated local perspectives into their post-conflict rebuilding strategies. Her focus was on four crucial areas according to the rebuilding component of the 2001 Responsibility to Protect (R2P) document: security, justice and reconciliation, development, and good governance. She has returned to ANU to finalize her research.

Staff Picture of Shahar Sadeh Shahar Sadeh, M.A.
AC4 Visiting Scholar (2012 – 2014)

Shahar traveled to AC4 as a PhD student at Tel Aviv University, in the Porter School of Environmental Studies, researching the interconnectivity between peace and environment, environmental peace building, and environmental peacemaking, peace parks, borders and cross border environmental projects. She is currently serving as Director of the Faculty Engagement Initiative, Israel & International Affairs at the Jewish Community Relations Council.