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Peacebuilding in Rwanda through Planned Settlements – Part 2

by |August 16th, 2018

My first visit to one the planned settlements from the IDP Program in Rwanda was a follow up visit from a previous research trip for my Master’s of Science in Urban Planning thesis – read part 1 for further context.  In January 2018, I visited these same 28 families, all of which were Genocide Survivors (i.e., Tutsi). … read more

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Peacebuilding in Rwanda through Planned Settlements – Part 1

by |August 15th, 2018

To truly grasp the extent of control the Rwandan government has on its population is difficult.  Traveling through Kigali and more remote parts of the country for three weeks this summer, I am struck by the outward portrayal of the country, but also try my hardest to be deeply critical of the façade it paints… read more

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Learning and Reflecting on the 2018 IACM-AC4 Conference by Lawrence Ibeh, AC4 Fellow, Ludwig Maximillian University in Germany

by |August 8th, 2018

Thanks to AC4 for my selection as a fellow, I was able to attend the 2018 International Association of Conflict Management (IACM) conference in Philadelphia, USA, this July 8-11, 2018. My participation was indeed an honor as this made my long time dream a reality. The value I placed on the conference prompted my preparation for… read more

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Spotlight on the 31st annual IACM Conference, in Philly!

by |August 7th, 2018

Members of the AC4 team along with colleagues from around Columbia University travelled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in July for this year’s International Association on Conflict Management (IACM) Conference. With partners at Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) and the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (NeCR) Master’s program, we participated in the conference… read more

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Reflections on the 2018 IACM Conference, from Bhushan Kumar, AC4 Fellow

by |August 7th, 2018

The 2018 IACM Conference struck a chord with me right from the opening session! The range of topics discussed, professors and students that I met, and the sheer enormity of the conflict management field was overwhelming – to say the least! IACM was the first international conference that I had attended, and naturally, I was… read more

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Women’s Global Empowerment Initiative: Environmental Justice in Agadir, Morocco – Reflections from AC4 Fellow, Rachel Kirk

by |July 31st, 2018

“I didn’t realize how interconnected social systems were with environmental issues.” Nearly two years ago, a few colleagues and I founded an organization called the Women’s Global Empowerment Initiative (WGEI). We promote global education in Morocco for young women of color in low-income high schools in Atlanta, Louisville, and New Orleans. Our vision is to provide… read more

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Colorful Nigeria – A kind people, an unkind system; by AC4 Fellow, Claudia Schneider

by |March 28th, 2018

Nigeria makes it into the news mostly for its terrorism attacks related to Boko Haram or kidnappings of oil workers in the Niger delta. Undoubtedly, Nigeria is unsettled and not a peaceful place. In 2010, when I first spent a prolonged amount of time in the country there was a hopeful sentiment that “Goodluck Jonathan… read more

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Interview with 2016 IACM Fellow, Bilan Stribling

by |February 2nd, 2018

Bilan Stribling, one of the 2016 AC4 Peace Fellows at the annual International Association on Conflict Management (IACM), works on risk mitigation, international relations and global partnership development. She completed her Masters in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies. As a Fellow at IACM, she presented on factors that contribute to… read more

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CMM Learning Exchange 2017: Reflection from AC4 Fellow, Laura Peters

by |January 16th, 2018

Attending the Learning Exchange (LE) was a completely wonderful and somewhat unexpected experience. As a PhD student, I attend a variety of academic conferences and workshops and present my research and work frequently. However, the environment at the LE was wholly unique from other experiences I have had. It is rare to find a group… read more

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Libya, Militia and Local Reconciliation – Reflection from AC4 Fellow, Eleanor Haisell

by |December 7th, 2017

The aim of my research project was to critically examine the links between local governance and community peace building projects in Libya. Programming that focuses on building technocratic local governance structure has become a model for western donor intervention and has been used widely as a stabilisation tool to prop up state control in fragile… read more

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