Coordinated Management of Meaning


AC4 supports the Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM) as a theoretical framework and methodology for addressing issues of violence and conflict, and for fostering peace and sustainability. With our Fellowship Program, scholarships are offered for students or emerging scholars to attend the CMM Learning Exchange and become an associate of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution.

“CMM is the acronym for “Coordinated Management of Meaning,” a phrase that describes what we do when we communicate with each other. … Individual scholars and practitioners, educators and thought leaders, and institutional advocates comprise the core of the [CMM] Institute’s supporters, however, the Institute’s programs and events are open to everyone.”

The CMM Learning Exchange takes place in October. Application for this 2017 fellowship opportunity will be available in April. To learn more about the fellowship to the CMM Learning Exchange, please check out the resources below and visit the CMM Fellowship Webpage.

Featured Resources

Read an introduction to CMM: “A Brief Introduction to ‘The Coordinated Management of Meaning’ (‘CMM’)” by W. Barnett Pearce (2002)


Reflections on the 2016 CMM Learning Exchange 2016 from an AC4 Fellow.

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Interview with the 2015 CMM Fellows.