Cosmopolis 2045

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A Virtual Depiction of A Social Community Set in Year 2045

The Cosmopolis 2045 Project is a multi-year project supported by The CMM Institute, the Waterhouse Family Institute for the Study of Communication and Society at Villanova University, and Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts.  The goal of this project is to create and maintain a virtual depiction of a social community set in the future (circa 2045) in which residents and leaders of the community have adopted a communication-centric view of how their own and other social worlds function. 

Inspired by the communication perspective and a variety of tools associated with the theory known as the Coordinated Management of Meaning (or CMM), the depiction of the Cosmopolis community will illustrate how everyday communication some 30 years in the future is managed, given both the technological and educational/social advances that we might reasonably expect will emerge and become second nature to citizens.  

Engaging in Cosmopolis 2045 and Its Pavilion for Sustainable Peace

A Cosmopolis 2045 sub-site is a private or public building, residence, park, sculpture, landmark or another kind of entity that will appear on a plot of land in the virtual community to be known as Cosmopolis 2045.  Visitors to the website will see and be able to move around on a “map” of the community, click on any particular sub-site, and then enter that site to experience the features included there.

AC4’s aim with this project is to develop a sub-site, the Pavilion for Sustainable Peace.  This concept is in line with AC4’s mission and focus. The team members who are coordinating the Pavilion for Sustainable Peace consist of Columbia faculty, students, alumni and external friends of AC4.  AC4 Co-Chair, Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida, is leading this project.