Arabic Translation of the Handbook of Conflict Resolution

The Arabic version of the Handbook of Conflict Resolution: A Knowledge-Sharing Agenda


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With the hope of sharing ideas, perspectives, approaches and challenges to building prosperous societies in the Arab world, AC4 and the Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) at Columbia University have been working on a series of initiatives organized around the idea of constructive engagement in The Arab World. This project was conceived as a response to the need of many organizations and partners from the MENA region that had approached the center underlining a need for resources and publications in the fields of conflict resolution and peace studies in the Arabic language.

As a first step, the MD-ICCCR embarked on the translation of its landmark publication: The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice, a volume co-edited by Professor Emeritus Dr. Morton Deutsch, Dr. Peter T. Coleman, and Dr. Eric Marcus. Now that the translation has been finalized, AC4 is working in partnership with academic programs and organizations in the MENA region to disseminate the resource free of charge and share with others thoughts about its potential value. As we expand our network of collaboration, a second phase of the project will be devoted to supporting research collaboration, and creating joint educational offerings and other opportunities for dialogue and knowledge-sharing in the region.

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Also, read the latest activity brief for more information:

Activity Brief- Spring 2015

If you have any questions regarding this AC4-supported initiative, please contact Jaclyn Donahue via email.