Sustainable Peace Project Core Team

Peter T. Coleman
Columbia University

Dr. Peter T. Coleman is Professor of Psychology and Education at Columbia University where he holds a joint-appointment at Teachers College and The Earth Institute. Peter Coleman is Director of The Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR), and Co-Chair of AC4. Peter Coleman has conducted extensive research on optimality of motivational dynamics in conflict, power asymmetries and conflict, intractable conflict, multicultural conflict, justice and conflict, environmental conflict, mediation dynamics, and sustainable peace. He is author and editor of the Psychological Components of Sustainable Peace (2013).

Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Columbia University

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida is a faculty member and the academic director of the Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program at Columbia University and Co-Chair of AC4. She is the founder of FYI Fisher Yoshida International, LLC, a firm that partners with clients to develop customized interventions aimed at improving organizational performance. She specializes in leadership development, conflict resolution management systems, intercultural communication and diversity, team development and effectiveness, and performance management.

Joshua Fisher
Columbia University

Dr. Josh Fisher is Director of AC4. Josh Fisher has worked with geospatial statistics, remote sensing, and econometric modeling to develop spatially explicit forecast models of the likelihood of armed conflict. In addition to his academic work, he has worked in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America on environmental management and poverty reduction. He has worked with conservation organizations, private sector firms, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management on natural resource governance and biodiversity conservation issues.

Douglas P. Fry
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

Dr. Douglas P. Fry chairs the Anthropology Department at UAB and also holds an affiliation as Docent at Åbo Akademi University in Vasa, Finland. Doug Fry has written extensively on aggression, conflict, and conflict resolution, and leads an ongoing research project that examines conflict management and reconciliation in nonwarring clusters of societies or peace systems. He is author and editor of War, Peace and Human Nature (2013).

Larry S. Liebovitch
Queens College

Dr. Larry S. Liebovitch is Professor of Physics and Psychology at Queens College of the City University of New York, and serves as Adjunct Senior Research Scientist for AC4. Larry Liebovitch has worked with nonlinear methods to analyze and understand molecular, cellular, psychological, and social systems. He is the author of Fractals and Chaos: Simplified for the Life Sciences (1998), and co-author of Fractal Analysis in the Social Sciences (2010).

Philippe Vandenbroeck

Philippe Vandenbroeck co-founded the Belgium-based futures consultancy shiftN, a network of professionals that works with leading organizations using systems thinking, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and design to better understand complex systems. With a background in bio-engineering, philosophy, and urban planning, for the last 20 years he has used systems thinking approaches to study complex business and societal issues such transition to sustainability, management of food, water and energy systems, armed conflict, novel governance systems, challenges in public health and social policies.

Jaclyn Donahue
Columbia University

Jaclyn Donahue is Program Manager at AC4, where she is responsible for the organization, implementation, and promotion of the Sustainable Peace Project. She is a researcher and international development practitioner, and has worked with teams at international non-government organizations and at universities on issues of gender, sustainable development, and conflict transformation. She earned a Master’s degree from the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

Kristen Rucki
Columbia University

Kristen Rucki is Project Coordinator at AC4 where she contributes to the Sustainable Human Development (SHD) project and the Sustainable Peace Project’s qualitative research. Kristen also facilitates collaboration between AC4, the Agirre Lehendakaria Center for Social and Political Studies, and several partners investigating aspects of sustainable human development in the Basque Country. She earned an M.A. in International and Comparative Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, where her work focused on issues of peace and human rights and educational inequality.