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Organic Forms of Mediation and the Profile of the Natural Mediator: A Research Initiative

by |January 16th, 2019

So-called marginal communities find ways to deal with conflicts, as well as, respond to structures of violence and systematic oppression. These responses can take the form of organized leadership that sets in motion strategies of affirmative and collective action. Case in point, are the comunas of Medellin, Colombia. Built during the late 1940’s, 50’s and… read more

CMM Learning Exchange 2018: Reflection from Tamara Smiley Hamilton

by |December 6th, 2018

I arrived in Tucson as the sun was setting in colorful splendor  against the backdrop of the majestic mountains. But my welcome and entry into the Learning Exchange was even more beautiful and heartwarming.The weekend game me a platform to share the world that has nurtured me: Watts,  California— the epicenter of how people continue… read more

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The Criticality and Potential of Local Human Rights Educators in Rakhine State, by Benjamin Steiner

by |November 12th, 2018

Written September 2018 by Benjamin Steiner, AC4 Graduate Student Fellow, upon returning from fieldwork in Myanmar.  To many in Rakhine State, Myanmar, “Rohingya” is a pseudonym — a social construction — applied to Bengali illegal immigrants living in a state that rightfully belongs to its namesake Rakhine ethnicity. As evidence, they cite the imposing ruins… read more

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Job Opening: MD-ICCCR is looking for a P/T Education Program Coordinator

by |November 12th, 2018

The Morton Deutsch International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (MD-ICCCR) at Teachers College is seeking to hire a qualified candidate with a strong interest in growing the center’s innovative Conflict Intelligence program at Columbia University as a part-time position. This position will coordinate all of the MD-ICCCR educational offerings, including the Graduate Certificate program,… read more

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AC4 Co-Executive Director Peter Coleman Interviewed for the Chicago Tribune

by |November 9th, 2018

Divided America, Difficult Conversations: If you’re ready have them, here’s how — by Cindy Dampier in the Chicago Times Here’s snippet from the Chicago Times: So, should you try to break down the wall that divides you and your parents or your neighbor and start a conversation about immigration or abortion rights? There’s no easy… read more

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Transforming Communities with Youth: Progress at the Social Lab Castilla

by |November 5th, 2018

Just like plants depend on their entire environment that surrounds them in order to flourish and thrive so too does sustainable peace. Both need an environment that suits their needs, and yes, their aspirations. Plants need water, sunlight, carbon dioxide, space, etc. And, in turn, water needs oxygen and hydrogen, space needs time, and so… read more

How Can We Teach Those Who’ve Been Ostracized? – Reflection from Niwa Dwitama, AC4 Fellow 2018

by |October 23rd, 2018

While the rule of law and rehabilitation programs for people convicted to terrorism-related charges are important elements of Counter-Terrorism policy, the life of their family members, such as wives and children, are also affected by societal perception and labeling due to their affiliation to terrorism. “Most of these children had dropped out of school because… read more

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Conflict Prevention with NGO Belun in Timor-Leste – Reflections from Anna Larsson, AC4 Fellow

by |October 15th, 2018

Anna Larsson is in the Master of International Affairs Program, specializing in both International Conflict Resolution and Gender & Public Policy, at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. With the AC4 Fellowship award, she was a Women, Peace and Security (WPS) intern at the conflict prevention NGO Belun in Dili, Timor-Leste. Can the Fear of Doing… read more

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Bringing Findings Back by Summer Lindsey, AC4 Graduate Student Fellow

by |October 12th, 2018

People prefer to punish rape and stealing more severely, but wife-beating less severely in the wake of armed conflict. This is what I found from implementing a series of 80 focus groups with a local research organization two years ago in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. This summer, in 2018, I returned to work with… read more

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Centralizing Universality in Human Rights Education for Rakhine State, Myanmar, by Benjamin Steiner

by |October 10th, 2018

When I traveled to Rakhine State, Myanmar as a Human Rights education (HRE) curriculum consultant with the support of AC4, I packed light. My two duffle bags contained several drafts of my HRE curriculum packaged neatly in Columbia University binders, some nifty visual aids and teacher training tools, less changes of clothes than I realistically… read more

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